Tim Burton May Bring Forth The ‘Monsterpocalypse’

Tiim BurtonSource: Deadline NY

Red hot after Alice In Wonderland became his most commercially successful film ever, director Tim Burton is ready to jump into creature feature territory with Monsterpocalyspe, DreamWorks’ recently acquired property which is based on a board game that involves battles against a variety of enemy monsters that take place in a metropolis filled with buildings.

Deadline reports that, though talks are in the earliest of stages, game creator Matt Wilson is attached to be co-producer. Studio DreamWorks has cornered the market on apocalyptic themed films, with Robopocalypse being developed by Cloverfield’s Drew Goddard and Atlantis Rising under the creative control of Underworld’s Len Wiseman.

There’s no word on whether this project will affect the development of Dark Shadows, which Burton is working on with Graham King and his loyal muse Johnny Depp.