Tim Burton Not Directing ‘Maleficent’

tim burtonSo it turns out Tim Burton will not attempt to repeat his Disney fairy tale magic with Snow White. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the director has dropped out of Maleficent, which focused on the point of view of the witch instead of Snow White and all her short friends. Of course, Disney was hoping for the same success Burton brought to the billion dollar Alice in Wonderland but it looks no more. Honestly, I’m pretty pleased with this. Sure Alice was enjoyable to look at, sort of, but Burton is at his best when he can get fully unhinged. Disney is too much of a control freak to let that happen. And besides, ten to one Burton wanted to hire Helena Bonham Carter to play the witch. Wait, Angelina Jolie is supposed to play the part and is still attached? Oh snap. I just lost that bet.

Source: Hollywood Reporter