Tim Robbins Joins ‘Thanks For Sharing’

tim robbinsI’m pretty sure Tim Robbins is insane, but in the best way possible. This is pure speculation, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct. We shouldn’t lock him up or anything drastic like that, let’s keep him out in the wild while he’s not hurting anyone. I just think there’s something abnormal going on between those ears.

What that has to do with his latest project, Thanks for Sharing, is that the film revolves around people in a 12-step sex addiction program in New York. And sex addiction is insane! See, it all ties together. Anyway, Robbins joins Mark Ruffalo in The Kid’s Are All Right writer Stuart Blumberg’s directorial debut. Hopefully this means we’ll at least get one scene of Robbins recounting a particularly steamy and/or weird sexual escapade while the rest of the group looks on in awe and/or disgust. Fingers crossed!

Source: Hollywood Reporter