Tim Roth Lands Role In ‘Arbitrage’

Tim RothTim Roth has landed a role in Arbitrage, where he’ll appear along side Richard Gere, Eva Green, and Susan Sarandon. He’ll play a detective investigating a murder while Gere, the protagonist, is a hedge fund mogul who gets led down the wrong path when he tries to sell his company. The movie comes from writer/director Nicholas Jarecki and should also look into….. hello? Hey! You still awake?

Sorry, I know that got a little boring. Yes, there’s ANOTHER murder to solve and some rich guy has ANOTHER problem, but it’s just a movie! It’s Richard Gere! He’s… interesting? Oh come on, give it a shot. It shouldn’t be that bad. At least it should help you fall asleep on the airplane a few months after it’s released.

Anyway, Roth will fit this film into his schedule during his hiatus from Fox’s Lie To Me, which means that production should begin this summer.

Source: Deadline