Tina Fey Starring in ‘The Intern’ — Does She Have a Big-Screen Future? 

Tina Fey Starring in ‘The Intern’ — Does She Have a Big-Screen Future? 

Tina Fey
Tina Fey at the 84th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars 2012) held at the Kodak Theatre - Arrivals. Hollywood, CA. 02-26-2012

Tina FeySomewhere around the time of her iconic Sarah Palin impression and the cherished second season of 30 Rock, Tina Fey became everyone’s hero — a title she has held ever since. Her sitcom broke the record for most Emmy nominations in a single year. Her autobiography Bossypants topped the best sellers list. But despite her 2004 hit Mean Girls, which she wrote and starred in, Fey has yet to really lay victorious claim to the world of the big screen; neither Baby Mama and Date Night really took off commercially. However, Fey is clearly en route: Fey is attached to star in The Intern, a movie directed by Nancy Meyers.

The story will follow a businesswoman who runs a fashion-oriented Internet company and unwittingly hires a senior citizen as her new intern. The intern is a septuagenarian widower who turns out to be a surprising asset for Fey’s character’s company.

But can Fey really assimilate to the world of film? Fans love her 30 Rock character Liz Lemon because fans love Fey, and the two are practically one and the same. Fey as a unique, hilarious voice that has come across in 30 Rock, Bossypants, and the script of Mean Girls. But how much are audiences willing to watch Fey take on a new voice, non-Lemony characters?

No matter what, they’ll have to get used to it, as Fey has spoken on the imminent end of 30 Rock. At least she has some promising projects on the horizon, such as The Intern and a developing Paul Weitz comedy Admission opposite Paul Rudd.


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