To Be Or Not To Be: When Do I Turn?

The CW

We say “till death do we part” to cement our love. When we say “bite my neck” we carve it in stone. So how do you know when to give your heart over, or when to trust someone enough to make that commitment? How do you know when to turn?

For most of us, finding “the one” can be a torment. On that front, Elena Gilbert is cray cray. So I have a some words of advice for you, E: two Salvatores. Count ‘em, two. Bella was unconflicted and she only had one diamond-paved vamp in mind. You have two, and they’re willing to raise the dead for you.

If that weren’t enough, they’ve already proven they have a high threshold for your ambivalence. You can volley between them for centuries. They seem to get off on it. So unforrow those brows, girl. Live a little.

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