‘To the Wonder’: The Most Terrence Malicky Movie Ever Made — TRAILER

To the Wonder

Feeling weighted down by the anchors of your grayscale lifestyle? Fear not. Terrence Malick’s latest movie looks to thrust you from your humdrum existence and launch you, full force, To the Wonder.

The trailer for the forthcoming Malick film does not hold back, not even a smidge, in the realm of whimsy. You’ve got the works: enchanting symphonies, people running through fields, and Javier Bardem declaring love to be “more than just a feeling.” It’s like that poem you wrote back when you were 13, presence of Ben Affleck included.

Although we’re hoping, and assuming, that Malick’s To the Wonder isn’t quite as heavy-handed as this trailer makes it out to be, it sure seems like the film is riding high on everything we liked about The Tree of Life… you know, minus the dinosaurs. Are there dinosaurs in this movie? No? Just whimsy? Okay, we’ll settle for whimsy.

So latch onto the dazzling emotionality of the new video. Feel the love. Experience the passion. Live the dream. Open the magic. Taste the rainbow. Ride the dragon. And be your own hero.

To the Wonder hits theaters April 12.

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[Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures]

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