Tom Cruise Is ‘Jack Reacher’ in New Trailer… But Is He ‘Jack Reacher’ Enough?


Tom CruiseFor a second, let’s forget about Tom Cruise. Let’s forget that today is his fiftieth birthday, or that he’s currently undergoing a divorce from wife Katie Holmes. Let’s forget about his recently underwhelming turn in Rock of Ages, or the fact that all of the Cruise-related talk circumventing the upcoming film Jack Reacher has pegged the actor as too short, too svelte, not quite masculine enough to play the title character in the Lee Child adaptation. Let’s just take a look at the below Jack Reacher trailer and see whether or not it delivers. Tall order, ain’t it?

It’s hard to separate a movie from its star when the star in question has Cruise’s degree of celebrity buzz. In fact, Cruise himself has proven so much of a presence that his roles have been drastically affected by his off screen identity. But the preexisting character of Jack Reacher demands a few things that are fundamentally un-Cruise. Reacher is rugged, he’s lowly, he’s dirty, he’s not quite a good guy, nor a bad one.

In looking at the below trailer, you might find it difficult to stop thinking about the bizarre casting choice. You might anticipate a husky, gravely voice taking Reacher’s lines, and not Cruise’s smooth, silver throat. You might find the actor’s marred torso not as daunting as one of a man twice his size, as Reacher was written to be. But we haven’t seen Cruise act his way out of this box just yet. The trailer shows very little of his onscreen behavior, perhaps as an artistic choice or perhaps to highlight the non-Cruise aspects of the film to attract fans of the Reacher series who’d otherwise be put off by the star. As such, it’s hard to tell just how well the movie will work. But it’s at least worth giving the ol’ guy a chance. After all, it’s his birthday, for crying out loud!

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