Tom Cruise to Star in Adaptation of Bestselling Thriller ‘One Shot’

Tom CruiseWhen you think of a 6-foot-5, 250-pound former military cop set to the open road with nothing but his passport and a penchant for breaking people’s bones, you’re clearly going to be reminded of Tom Cruise. Right? … Right?

Well, at least the people behind the film adaptation of Lee Child’s novel One Shot are. The story, part of a series, follows Jack Reacher, described above, on a mission to resolve a mysterious sniper shooting that killed five people. Paramount Pictures will co-finance with Skydance Productions and distribute worldwide.

Lee Child is trusting the adaptation of one of his fifteen bestsellers to not only the diminutive Cruise, but also writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. McQuarrie is not an obvious choice for failure—his greatest claim would be the screenplay for The Usual Suspects. However, collaboration with Cruise has not served him well in the past, as in the 2008 World War II-era thriller Valkyrie, wherein all the “good” Germans’ accents were American and English, and the “bad” ones’ were…German.

Still, Child seems excited about the project, alleging that Cruise will adequately represent what the Jack Reacher character embodies.

Cruise is also set to star in Oblivion, a film written and directed by Joseph Kosinski (in his sophomore project after Tron: Legacy), this January. Which project comes first for the megastar remains to be seen.

Source: Deadline

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