Tom Hanks & Focus Features Join Forces With Wachowski’s For ‘Cloud Atlas’

Tom HanksWell this cookie jar certainly got more interesting. Tom Hanks, who you would never think in a million years would do a movie with the siblings behind The Matrix, has done just that by signing on to star in the Wachowski’s (and Tom Tykwer, like I said, it’s a weird cookie jar) Cloud Atlas. Now, the movie will be based on David Mitchell’s novel that follows six different stories throughout six different periods in time. No word on which section Hanks will be headlining but we bet it will be a soft spoken one (also can they please have Chet Haze score a song?). And Focus Features, the little indie darling studio, will handle international distribution while Warner Bros. gets to distribute it in North America. Color me intrigued for this film. And hungry for cookies, still.

Source: Deadline