Tom Hardy Could Play A Vampire In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

Tom HardyTom Hardy is a simple man. A simple bad ass man. How bad ass? How about kicking a crack addiction, gaining 42 pounds of muscle for a role, and also starring in, not one, but two Christopher Nolan movies. And as far as everyone can tell he is a very nice man in person. How bad ass is that?

Now he can add another notch on his belt because he was approached for a major role in the adaptation of the hit novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He’s been offered the part of Henry Sturges, the vampire that trains a young Lincoln to be the vicious, undead fighter. Later, Lincoln uses his powers against an army of Confederate vampires during the Civil War. Seriously, that sounds like a bad ass part.

Also, it’s about damn time we got vampires back to being bad ass. True, playing a vampire does make you incredibly popular (the Twilight boys, Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire, the Vampire Diaries (okay so my theory isn’t fool proof)), but we haven’t had a real bad ass vampire in a long while. Hopefully Hardy will reap the benefits of playing a vampire while simultaneously transforming the creatures into something (you guessed it) more bad ass.

Or he could turn down the role and do something even more hard core. Which would be totally bad ass.

Source: Screen Rant