Tom Hardy Talks ‘Venom’ From Brazil Comic-Con

Venom is one of the coolest villains in comics but we’ve never gotten a good version of him.

The only time he’s been on with any of the Spider-Mans is ‘Spider-Man 3’ when Topher Grace portrayed him. He didn’t come out during the Andrew Garfield version and the newest Spidey Tom Holland has only just begun.

Well, that’s about to change (hopefully). A Venom film will be out in October of this year but we haven’t seen much from the film. Attendees of the Brazil Comic-Con got the first info from director Ruben Fleischer as he talked to them from the Venom set. The director told fans which comics he was following for the film (Venom: Lethal Protector, Planet of the Symbiotes), what it was like on set, what the new film will be like, and to talk up lead Tom Hardy. Then the man showed up to promise to make the best film that they can do as well as apologize for not actually being there like they had planned on, as well as give them the first swag.


‘Venom’ releases October 5, 2018.

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