George Clooney Is as Confused as We Are by ‘Tomorrowland’ in First Set Photo

Superstar actor George Clooney on the Vancouver set of Tomorrowland. George films an outdoor scene having a heated discussion with Britt Robertson as Raffey Cassidy looks on. Also photographed is Clooney talking with director Brad Bird.Splash News

“Wait a minute!” exclaims George Clooney, growing increasingly baffled on the set of his developing film Tomorrowland. “What the hell is this movie about, anyway?” From the looks of the above photo, the first snapped during production of the Disney picture, even he doesn’t know.

Disney, director Brad Bird, and all those involved have managed to keep the details of the project close to the chest. We can imagine that star George Clooney — playing some semblance of a former boy genius who was “banished” from the titular land of magic at some point — has a bit more info on the feature than we do, but the perplexed look on his face above does suggest that the mystery persists.

We’ve got to assume that is Clooney’s costar Britt Robertson (a science enthusiast who joins Clooney on his journey to return to Tomorrowland) to whom he is expressing such befuddlement. The simple shot of the pair does not give us much new info about the feature, though it does serve to stir up excitement if only in reminding us that Tomorrowland is, in fact, going to answer our questions somewhere down the line.

Or so we hope.

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