Tony Scott Might Direct Vince Vaughn in Narco-Thriller ‘Lucky Strike’

5651034.jpgThe word “No,” apparently, is not a part of Tony Scott‘s vocabulary. The Unstoppable director has attached his name to a gaggle of incipient film projects of late, seemingly without regard to whether any of them have a chance of actually getting made, or the potential scheduling conflicts that might occur were they to move forward. Narco Sub, Hell’s Angels, and remakes of Top Gun, The Wild Bunch, and The Warriors are just a few of the films Scott is allegedly planning to direct at some point.

Today, reports that Scott added another to the pile: Lucky Strike, an action thriller in which “a DEA agent teams with a drug runner to take down a drug cartel.” The project reportedly has Vince Vaughn, an $80 million budget, and a late summer/early fall start date in its sights. To which I say: Go for it! I’m for anything that distracts Scott from that ill-advised 3D rehash of Top Gun, interesting as it would be to see watch this unfold in three dimensions: