Top 10 Car Chases: Addendum

We recently picked 10 car chases we thought were pretty darn memorable but according to our readers, we may have missed a few key ones (yes, we gasp! forgot Bullitt). And so, to those adrenaline junkies who are keeping score, here are 10 MORE car chases we neglected to include (and yes, Bullitt is there):


10. Speed Racer

In thinking old school in our original list, we missed the most recent car races from the Wachowski’s speedster flick. The movie may not have hit the mark, but those frenetic, eye-candy chase scenes make the cut.

9. True Lies

Who could forget the director James Cameron‘s miles-long chase on the bridge, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger has to save Jamie Lee Curtis from certain death as parts of the bridge blows up? We did, but not this time!


8. Gone in Sixty Seconds

Sure, it’s a not-so-great Nicolas Cage movie, but for all the snazzy car action–and Angelina Jolie–it’s certainly worth mentioning.

7. Goldeneye

Lots of great car chases have graced the Bond flicks, but we feel the tank chase in Goldeneye stands out as the best.


6. The Dark Knight

Another recent movie we neglected to include due to its freshness, but the Bat-motorcycle chase scene is pretty friggin’ awesome.

5. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Oops. Of course, Indiana Jones’ chase through the Egyptian desert after the Ark is taken by the Nazis MUST be included. Our bad.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

OK, another oversight. Again, a James Cameron creation, T2 boasts one of the best semi-truck smash ‘em ups ever filmed, hands down–until The Matrix Reloaded, that is (which made it to our original list).


3. Grindhouse: Death Proof

For the pure joy of joy riding, this climactic chase–first by Kurt Russell, chasing down four young women, then by said women, who get so pissed they were chased unnecessarily, they go after Kurt–Quentin Tarantino hands us a classic car sequence.

2. To Live and Die in L.A.

We did mention director William Friedkin’s heart-stopping car chase in The French Connection, but failed to give props to his To Live and Die in L.A. chase through the city’s freeways.


1. Bullitt

Here it is. Steve McQueen’s classic actioner, in which he plays a cop chasing down drug kingpins through the streets of San Francisco, should have been on our original list. The readers have spoken, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Now, if we happened to miss any more of your favorite car chases, we do apologize in advance–but this is it for now!