Top Distribution Deals From Toronto

James GunnThe Toronto International Film Festival just wrapped up. Did everyone have a good time? You didn’t go? Oh, you really missed out on some cool flicks. Of course I didn’t go either, but still. I have a really good imagination.

Anyway, a bunch of movies got distribution deals which means you might get to see them in theaters! But probably not unless you live in New York, LA, or another big city with a vibrant film community. It should be noted that these are films that picked up distribution at the festival, some (like Easy A) came into the festival with deals. Here’s what you should be looking forward to:

Passion Play: Image Entertainment picks up this film that has Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, and Bill Murray staring. Add on to the fact that Fox has angel wings and you have the entire fetish community on lock. (Deadline)

Super – The film I am most excited for. Rainn Wilson stars in James Gunn’s (the handsome guy up top) take on the average modern man becoming a super hero. Yes, this does sound like Kick Ass. However, Gunn’s film apparently shifts tones so quickly and goes so dark, I hardly doubt the comparisons will last. With Ellen Page throwing down as the foul mouthed sidekick and Kevin Bacon as the bad guy, who doesn’t want to see this movie? No wonder it was the first film sold out of Toronto. (Deadline)

Rare Exports – See trailer. Get excited. (Deadline)

Beautiful Boy – I’m not usually one for incredibly dramatic stories but this one has me intrigued. Michael Sheen and Maria Bello star as parents of a disturbed son who goes on a college shooting spree ending with his suicide. Sheen is an incredible actor and focusing on the aftermath of the event and the role it plays in the parent’s relationship sounds fascinating. Shawn Ku picked up an award in Toronto for his directing. (Deadline)

Everything Must Go – I enjoy Will Ferrell as much as the next guy. But he’s at his best when really stretching himself. Stranger than Fiction was brilliant and his turn in The Other Guys as something other than a glorified frat guy made it one of the funniest movies of the summer. Now that Everything Must Go has been picked up by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. Ferrell stars as a man who decides to start afresh by selling all his possessions after his wife kicks him out to the front yard. (Deadline)

Sarah silverman

Peep World – Sometimes a cast is enough to get me to see a film (see Passion Play above) and this film sure has it. Michael C. Hall, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, Judy Greer, and newcomer Ben Schwartz are just the few that I can remember off the top of my head. But then I find out the film is about a family who comes together for the first time after the youngest sibling has published a book about their darkest secrets and I am totally buying a ticket. (Deadline)

Rabbit Hole (ugh) – See, this is how I usually feel when I learn about super dramatic movies. Apparently this is an incredible return to form for Nicole Kidman, and yet I don’t really care about this one. At all. Oh well. (Deadline)

Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project – Just to show that the world of fiction didn’t rule Toronto a few interesting documentaries found distribution deals. The first is an unauthorized bio on Harvey Weinstein and if half the tall tales about him are true then he’s probably twice as scary as I imagine him to be. Also he’s apparently kinda pissed about the movie which means it should be awesome. (Deadline)

Caves of Forgotten Dreams – When you want to show off your vacation you might post some pictures of Facebook. Werner Herzog makes documentaries about his. And this one is in 3-D. (Deadline)

Submarine – Ben Stiller produced this comedy from rising (at least on this side of the pond) British comedian Richard Ayoade. The story focuses on a young boy who tries to navigate mending his parent’s deteriorating marriage and his own budding relationship. (Deadline)