‘Total Recall’ Star Joins Hugh Jackman as Wolverine Villain


5390061.jpg The Wolverine franchise is proving to be almost as indestructible as the character himself. 

Even after the disaster that was 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the next installment in the franchise, The Wolverinewill start filming in next month. 
And now comes word that Hugh Jackman will have a new adversary: The Silver Samurai, Variety reports. 
Total Recall and ‘Hawaii Five-0’ actor Will Yun Lee has signed on to play the villain character in the sequel. 

And, already, the film seems to be off to a relatively good start. The script for The Wolverine was written by Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (writer of the brilliant The Usual Suspects). 
The mutant film is being handled by Fox Studios Australia, and will duly be shot on Jackman’s home turf of Sydney.