‘Total Recall’ Trailer Mash-Up: Schwarzenegger Meets Farrell — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

ALTWhat do you get when you take the original 1990 classic sci-fi action flick Total Recall but you take away its leading stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone and replace them with Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale for a glossy 2012 remake? Well, you pretty much get Total Recall. (Three-breasted alien prostitute and all!) 

In fact, we here at Hollywood.com found so many similarities between the trailer for the reboot and the original trailer that we decided to give the films the full proper mash-up treatment by taking footage from the first Total Recall and the audio from Len Wiseman‘s take on it. 
Marvel at the nearly perfectly synchronized sequences and dialogue and enjoy the ability to finally understand what in the hell Douglas Quaid/Hauser is saying. Watch our (NSFW) Total Recall trailer mash-up here and get ready to experience some total déjà vu.


So is the new Total Recall just well, a total recall of the original, or what? We’ll find out when the movie lands in theaters this Friday.

[Photo credit: Columbia Pictures] 


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