‘Toy Story 3’ World Premiere Red Carpet Photos

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Cheryl Burke and Evan Lysacek all turned up to celebrate the world premiere of ‘Toy Story 3‘ yesterday in Hollywood, and we’ve got some photos from the event. But be careful, because what always happens when a new ‘Toy Story’ comes out is about to happen again: we all start to think inanimate objects of our childhood really do have joints and feelings, and love lives. The next thing we know, we’re driving to our mothers’ houses and digging up our old toys out of soggy boxes and whirling them around on tire swings with us…because they also like the feeling of their stomachs flipping! Yeah, ‘Toy Story’ movies make us lose perspective.

But it’s okay! Because if Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are part of a project that unleashes such parasitic worms on our rationales, it’s gotta mean they have already lost their reasoning, too. And look how rich they are! (Maybe not Tim Allen, but definitely Tom Hanks.) So to hell with reasoning. Bring on the mass-produced products of corporate America that are instruments of bribery.


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