10 Marginally Interesting Things in the New ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Trailer

Transformers 4 TrailerYouTube/CBMTrailers

Another summer, another Transformers film. With Transformers: Age of Extinction, The series is embarking on new, LaBeouf-less territory. This time, a fresh, plucky group of humans have found the rusted remains of Optimus Prime in the heartland. American flags waft patriotically in the breeze, a shadowy organization wants to harvest the Autobots for their cool metal bodies, and there is consistent promise of city-smashing chaos. Yup, it sounds like a Transformers movie.

So it may look exactly like the last few Transformers movies, but at least this one has Dinobots… that’s marginally interesting, right? In fact, there are plenty of marginally interesting things in this new footage! Here’s our rundown of the 10 most passably acceptable things in the trailer:


10. Mark Whalberg’s arms are pretty big, huh?

9. That one Decpticon looks sorta like a dragon.

8. A boat exploaded. Boats don’t usually explode in these movies; that’s more of a car thing.

7. Stanley Tucci plays with a piece of floaty metal!

6. That one Transfomer’s face turns into a gun.

5. That one Transformer is munching on a cigar.

4. And he also has a beard made of… coils… or wires… wait, why would a robot even have a beard?

3. Optimus Prime is riding a Dinobot. It breathes fire.

2. That one guy gets hit in the face with a car.

1. Stanley Tucci screams “Oh my God.” Just like in your wildest nightmares.