‘Transformers’ Debate: Old Grimlock vs. New Grimlock

Transformers: Age of Extinction, GrimlockParamount Pictures

If the Autobots are stuck in a major throwdown, Optimus Prime is going to need some backup. When the fate of the world is on the line, sometimes Bumblebee won’t cut it as the second in command. Enter Grimlock.

Yes, the long-awaited leader of the Dinobots will finally make his film debut in Transformers: Age of Extinction, but his design will surely spark criticism from Transformers fans. (The trailer doesn’t give much confidence for his role in this movie, either.) Let’s compare the new dino against the classic Generation 1 robot.

Classic Grimlock

Stubborn as hell, but monstrously powerful, Grimlock was a standard Tyrannosaurus Rex who beat up Decepticons with ease. His strength made him a valuable asset to the Autobots. Unfortunately, because Grimlock was so stubborn, they couldn’t always count on him to make wise decisions. His behavior was unpredictable. When he was on board, however, Grimlock was one of the most powerful robots in the Transformers universe.

New Grimlock

Every Transformers fan must have felt a surge of joy when they heard Grimlock would be in the new movie. He’s seen, very briefly at the end of the first Age of Extinction trailer, to be huge, dwarfing the already giant Autobots. And he’s a juggernaut, busting through a wall as if it were a screen door. His silverish look is plain, nothing like G1 Grimlock (all of the original Dinobots had yellow and red colors mixed in their metallic gray look). Worst of all, he’s diminished because Optimus Prime rides on top of him like a horse. What the hell? Grimlock would never let that happen. That better be some overwhelming plot point or something because that is most definitely not faithful to the Grimlock character.

So what’s your choice? What Grimlock do you prefer?