Treasure of Pirate's Point | 1997

Some adventurous local kids, with the help of the descendent of a legendary sea captain, set out to find the treasure buried at Pirate's Point.


A-pix Entertainment

Production Company

Promark Entertainment Group

Production Company


Three pirate-obsessed kids with over-active imaginations poke around in an old man's stranded ship, only to find out that he's the living descendant of legendary pirate Captain Vane. They quickly become friends, until the old man is framed for a crime he didn't commit by a used car salesmen out to steal the treasure chest of gold buried on Pirate's Point. The kids respond by busting the old man out of jail using muskets and rapiers, and together they retrieve the treasure back from the villainous car salesmen and set things right, learning that friendship is the most precious treasure of all.