Trejo And Cummings Not Afraid Of ‘Tarantula’

Danny TrejoThere are certain people in life you simply do not run away from. Danny Trejo is one of them. The Machete star is one of the most certifiably badass men in Hollywood and someone you do not mess with. Yet Erin Cummings is going to give it a shot.

Both are currently considering joining the low budget biker thriller Tarantula. Cummings will play a woman on the run from the biker gang she grew up with while Trejo is the gang’s leader on a mission to bring her back. To add a reason for the snarl on Trejo’s face he is also trying to get revenge for his brother’s death. But let’s be honest. Trejo doesn’t need a reason to be angry.

The film’s budget is being reported at a low $2.5 million. Oley Sassone (Fantastic Four, but not the one you’re thinking about. The one from 1994) is slated to direct. The script comes from former TV and film construction coordinator John Kersey, who also wrote it with his wife, Jennifer.

That would have been an interesting dinner conversation. “So I’m thinking at the end of the first act, the biker gang leader takes a bat and starts swinging at his right hand man and there’s blood and guts and stuff and he says something really cool like ‘You’re out.’ These potatoes are delicious, by the way.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter