TriBeca 2011: ‘Rid Of Me’ Is A Cautionary Tale Of Masturbatory Pretension

Rid of Me posterRid of Me is not a good movie, but don’t let that stop you from finding inspiration within its feeble frames. You see, if you ever wanted to get into filmmaking but were worried that the sheer amount of ferocious competition would eat you alive; that there are so many talented people out there fighting for the same opportunity as you; that you’re just not that good enough – fear not. If this movie can make it into a prestigious shindig like the TriBeca Film Festival and you have even the barest sign of talent and taste then you’re going to be just fine. At its best, this is a pretentious undergraduate film. At its worst, it’s just boring.

Everything about Rid of Me falls flat: the stylized montages, the dialogue, the editing, acting and direction. It’s supposed to be a dark comedy but it isn’t funny. The lead singer of Everclear shows up randomly? WTF. It’s gratuitously gross for shock value and the filmmaker’s tone is stuck-up beyond belief. Again, at its best, it’s a cautionary tale of masturbatory pretension rolled up in the worst the hipsters of Oregon have to offer.