Tribeca’s ‘Lola Versus’ Features Rising Stars Greta Gurwig and Joel Kinnaman — POSTER

The Tribeca Film Festival might be diversifying its image these days — what with its recent announcement that The Avengers would be concluding this year’s fest — but it still calls small, introspective dramedies its bread and butter. The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, which lasts from Apr. 18 – 29, will premiere Lola Versus, from writer director Daryl Wein.

The film stars if-you-don’t-know-her-by-now-you-will-soon Greta Gerwig (No String AttachedArthur) in a story about dealing with the approach of the big 3-0 and a recent breakup simultaneously via a series of exciting, hedonistic adventures with her closest friends. Among Gerwig’s costars are other big namers on the rise, Joel Kinnaman (known best for his role on AMC’s The Killing, and for the upcoming remake of Robocop) and Zoe Lister Jones (Whitney). Considering the talent involved, Lola Versus seems like a must-see at this year’s fest. Check out the poster of Gerwig seizing her youth below.



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