Tricked | 2013

The subject of the thriving industry of sex trafficking in America is explored in this documentary.
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Modern-day slavery is alive and well in the United States as thousands of victims are trafficked to satisfy America's $3 billion a year sex trafficking industry. Here viewers encounter the pimps, the johns, the police, the parents and the victims of the America's thriving sex trade. It's an industry that is fueled by greed, fantasy and the commercial sexual exploitation of children and young girls. The documentary follows Sgt. Dan Steele and his colleagues of the Denver Vice squad in their efforts to pursue traffickers and rescue victims as well as the Las Vegas Police detectives who work to hit traffickers where it hurts them most, by seizing their financial assets. In New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, brash and unrepentant johns reveal the how, why, when and where of what they call "a hobby."