‘Trollhunter’ Getting The American Remake Tradition

TrollhunterTrollhunter was a fantastic movie. I thought it was a fun fantasy film that really played well with the found footage format. True, I don’t speak a word of Norwegian but I didn’t mind reading the subtitles and the way Norwegian kinda bounces around in the ears added to the fantasy of it all. But of course such a pure thing like that couldn’t “find an audience” in America so Chris Columbus bought the rights to remake it.

And the crazy thing is, I wouldn’t mind remaking it for American audiences as long as you left it shot for shot and just had the same actors speak the dialogue in English. Actually, that’s asking too much. Just find equivalent actors to the main characters and I’m set. It shouldn’t be that hard! But this is Chris Columbus we’re talking about. He who made the first two Harry Potter films. Something tells me the trolls are going to start talking and baking cookies in his version. Sigh.

Source: AV Club