‘Tron: Legacy’ To Get Sequel?

Tron: LegacyLast month, Tron: Legacy hit theaters worldwide, and let’s be honest, unless you liked staring into black, empty space for nearly two hours, you probably weren’t its biggest fan. But if for some reason you enjoyed the spectacle of lights of loud techno music, here’s some good news: AICN is reporting rumors that Disney is very close to green-lighting a third installment to the Tron series.

Of course, this seems like a brilliant idea considering that Tron: Legacy has widely been considered a flop. No one is quite sure how much the production cost (estimates range from $150 million to $300 million, but it mostly likely was produced for around $175 million) but one thing is for certain: it was not the record-shattering blockbuster that the Mouse House hoped for.

If these rumors are true and Disney indeed decides to move forward with another Tron, they’ll need to start figuring out how to fix some of the major problems with Legacy. Sure, sometimes there were lots of really cool flashing lights and some pretty killer music. But there wasn’t much of a coherent story and, you know, that’s kind of a key aspect when telling a story.

Source: Ain’t It Cool