‘Trouble with the Curve’: There IS Crying In Baseball! — TRAILER

Clint EastwoodBaseball movies have a tendency to veer sentimental. Every last one of ’em, from the classic Pride of the Yankees to 2011’s Oscar contender Moneyball, has opted to make fans a little bit misty over the American majesty that is the sport in question. If this is the M.O. for the baseball flick, then Trouble with the Curve looks like an overachiever. Not only are we dealing with the whole “no computer can connect to a team like I can!” motif on the part of manager Clint Eastwood, but there’s also a heart-wrenching father-daughter story going on all the while. Eastwood’s character is placed at odds with his estranged daughter Amy Adams: full grown, resentful of her parental abandonment, and just plucky enough to connect to her begrudging old coot of a dad. We’re playing with live ammo, here. Tears will be jerked.

Along with Eastwood and Adams, Justin Timberlake also stars as a romantic interest to the latter; Yahoo’s trailer boasts appearances from John Goodman and Matthew Lillard, as well. Check it out below, and look forward to the movie on September 21.


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