‘True Blood”s Stephen Moyer Travels into ‘The Barrens’

Stephen MoyerAh, the woods. Is there nothing more horrific?

It’s been too long since an unexpecting, well-meaning family traveled deep into the woods, hoping only to escape the distraction of city life (and just maybe have some meaningful experiences). But we will again experience this glorious theme in The Barrens, a film set in the woodlands of New Jersey. And as this is, in fact, a horror film, it is no surprise that it has attracted a lead actor experienced with witches and vampires: Stephen Moyer of True Blood.

Moyer will not be taking the demonic role in this film, however. He will be the head of a family that heads into the Jersey woods and happens, unwittingly, upon the most horrible beast the state has to offer… or, at least top five: the Jersey Devil.

Despite the fact that Stephen Moyer will, in fact, just be your average (if not overly zealous) family man, the movie summary does seem to offer the vampirous actor his share of monstrosities. Read no further if you want to go in fresh. Moyer will, as a result of an injury and over-exertion (he really wants his family to take a hike together) become delusional, paranoid, and borderline psychotic. Is this to say that there is a monster in all of us? Is it a statement against running away from your problems? Or perhaps…this is just what Jersey does to people.

Source: Variety via Comingsoon