True Friends | 2011

Drama, Foreign
Three middle-aged men have enjoyed a happy friendship since childhood but recent events threaten to ruffle their confidence in each other.


Production Company

Victory Productions

Production Company


Paul, Walter and Jacques are childhood friends in their fifties, each with very different personalities. Paul is a writer lacking inspiration, Walter owns a renowned restaurant and Jacques, who is gay, is an intellectual bookseller in Paris. Walter, who is overly protective of Clémence (his 20-year-old daughter whom he raised alone following his divorce), believes that in friendship and love everything has to be in the open, and he does not tolerate lies. When Clémence falls in love with Paul, despite their 30-year difference, they worry about Walter's reaction. While many in their circle learn of the affair and come to accept it, they decide not to tell Walter right away, and so the lying begins. Will the honest and sincere friendship between the three friends be able to sustain itself?