‘True Grit’ Trailer Promises A True Western Revival

It’s been so many years since The Big Lebowski, a few years back I began thinking that I’d never get to see directors Joel and Ethan Coen reunite with Jeff Bridges a.k.a Jeffrey Lebowski a.k.a The Dude. All parties have gone on to make more incredible films (the Coens won multiple Oscar’s for No Country For Old Men while Bridges finally took home a long-overdue award for last year’s Crazy Heart), but I yearned for another collaboration between the people who made that classic comedy that is on the top of nearly everyone’s cinematic “love” list.

You can imagine how joyful I was last fall to learn that the siblings would finally get back to work with Bridges on a Steven Spielberg produced remake of the John Wayne Western staple True Grit. My anticipation for the no-holds-barred revenge tale has piqued today as the first trailer for the film hit the web. Paramount will distribute the picture on Christmas Day, but you can see footage of Bridges, along with Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and newcomer Hailee Stenfield, below: