‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ Leads 2013 Razzie Noms, But It Doesn’t Deserve To


Since 1980, The Golden Raspberry Awards aka The Razzies have been voting on each year’s worst of the worst in movies and performances. The yang to the Academy Awards’ yin, the connoisseurs of cinema terriblé have nominated, voted on, and proclaimed winners (or losers?), just before the Oscars make their announcements. With the Academy’s picks set to be revealed on Thursday, the Razzies have unveiled their 2013’s nominees… and they’re not that surprising. In fact, with a limited selection that includes the final Twilight movie, Adam Sandler’s latest, and a gargantuan action blockbuster based on a board game, this year’s Razzies come off a bit lame. Are these really