‘Twilight’ Creator’s ‘The Host’ Trailer: Vampires Out, Glowing-Eye Aliens In

EyeIt’s horrifyingly appropriate that the new Stephanie Meyer movie is about possession. Meyer is the author of the astoundingly popular Twilight novel series, which sparked the astoundingly popular Twilight movie series—both of which have helped to make Meyer one of the most famous and successful writers alive today. But there is a price to that kind of fame: Meyer is now unrelentingly associated with Twilight. You might say she is almost possessed by her creation. 

Cue The Host, Meyer’s 2008 novel about an alien race that possesses and controls human bodies. The below trailer reveals the result of a world like this. There is no war, no injustice, no famine, no inequality. People are honest, kind and, for all intents and purposes, perfect. The one minor thing is that everyone on the planet is possessed by an alien that has free reign of the human brain, and makes the iris glow in a particularly hypnotic fashion.
So with this as the single flaw, is this really a conflict? Let ’em possess humanity! They’re obviously pretty good at running a planet. Free will, shmee will. Meyer, if you know how to get in touch with this race of alien beings (and you know you do—everyone is also positive that you have official entry into the vampire underworld), then give them a call. This horrible dystopia seems pretty sweet.
The Host‘s sales have been modest in comparison to those of the Twilight Saga. It’s interesting to see whether or not Meyer’s clout will bring viewing audiences to this new post-Twilight movie. The text at the forefront of the trailer indicates that they’re definitely banking on her Twilight success to sell the film.