‘Twilight”s Kristen Stewart Reached for Major Role in ‘Akira’ Remake?

Kristen StewartIf you’re going to remake the classic anime Akira as a live-action Hollywood film, you might as well shoot for the stars.

Kristen Stewart has been cemented as one of the biggest stars of today, thanks to her Twi-normous vampire series, Twilight, and its so-close-we-can-taste-the-glitter next chapter Breaking Dawn Part 1. Vying for some of her star power are the people behind the developing Akira remake (a team that includes director Jaume Collet-Saura and writer Steve Kloves). Stewart is being reached to play a romantic interest for the protagonist Kaneda and the story’s primary heroine: Kei.

Stewart is not the first teen twi-dol to be reached for an Akira role. Back in March, it was reported that Robert Pattinson was among a slew of young heartthrobs wanted to play the Kaneda character—a part that inevitable went to Garrett Hedlund. Others in talks for Akira roles include Ezra Miller and Alden Ehrenreich, both for the second lead male Tetsuo, Keira Knightley for an undisclosed role, Gary Oldman for the Colonel and Helena Bonham Carter for Lady Miyako.

So, what will Akira fans think of Stewart’s casting? Hard to say. On the one hand, anime aficionados might be averse to Twi-casting in this particularly cherished piece of the medium. On the other hand, it’s unfair to discount Stewart’s talent just because of the palpable schism between people who like Twilight and people who like anime. On a third hand, anime needs more vampires. Right? … Right?

Source: Indiewire