‘Twilight’ Scribe Will Tackle ‘Highlander’ Remake

Melissa RosenbergThe woman who put the words into Bella and Edward’s mouths (I’m embarrassed that I even know character names) in the Twilight movies is set to take on the remake of the 1986 Sean Connery flick, Highlander. Melissa Rosenberg has been in the business quite a while and actually wrote some episodes for Showtime’s Dexter, but I’m still not convinced she’s the right lady for the job. Most of her other works are in the lusty, melodrama vein; Party of Five, The OC, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. It’s just an odd choice for a remake of a film that is so decidedly manly — that may be attributed the overwhelming manliness due to the presence of Sean Connery, but still.

In case you aren’t a nerd who used to watch this movie with her dad on Sunday afternoons, Highlander is the story of Connor MacLeod, an immortal Scottish swordsman. MacLeod must face the immortal barbarian who seeks to destroy their kind until there is only one left. This storyline isn’t the one that bothers me, it’s the romantic aspect of the plot. MacLeod has a mortal lady who ages while he does not and struggles to understand and believe his reality…does that sound familiar? I’ll say it: TWILIGHT. If Summit insists on using Rosenberg for this film, I sincerely hope she stays on the lighter side of this romantic plot, resists adding any sparkle or glow to MacLeod’s skin and focuses on the action at hand: the fact that the dude is an immortal swordsman fighting the last battle of good versus evil. If she can do that, we’ll be cool.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter