‘Twilight’ Star Mia Maestro Signs On For Thriller ‘The Darkness Of The Road’

Mia MaestroMia Maestro — one of The Twilight Saga stars that’s not Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson — has just joined the new psychological thriller The Darkness of the Road. She will play a young mother who, after picking up a hitchhiker, unsurprisingly disappears (because, well, she did pick up a hitchhiker…). Anyway, Eduardo Rodriguez penned the screenplay, and Luis Guerrero and Chris Lemos of Vital Pictures will produce alongside Moctesuma Esparza of Maya Entertainment. According to The Wrap, Maya’s goal is to make movies that appeal to the “new mainstream” of American Latino and multicultural audiences; so we guess “new mainstream” means new movies about new people who disappear in new ways, not just those lame old movies where lame old people disappear in lame old ways, like getting kidnapped by hitchhikers. Wait…

Source: The Wrap