Twisted New ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Poster is a Real Puzzler

Every facet of The Cabin in the Woods is something to celebrate. First and foremost, the story is about a group of people stranded in a dangerous and mysterious location. Now, who would know a little something about this subject matter? How about one of the writers/executive producers on a little show called LOST? Drew Goddard fits this criteria, and he’s directing, and has co-written the script along with The Avengers helmer Joss Whedon. We know, it’s exciting. Embrace that excitement! Life is about happiness.

Unfortunately, the titular cabin in the even titular-er woods will bring no ample supply of happiness to its inhabitants. What exactly will happen there is a mystery (kind of the point). But we know it will be treacherous. The Cabin in the Woods takes a good, hard look at the horror genre, and then fries it up, stuffing it into itself like a cinematic turducken.

And get a good look at the poster! If that doesn’t make you say, “…Huh…” then very little will! Embrace your curiosity, too. The world is also about curiosity. The Cabin in the Woods looks like a frenetic good time, with a lot to say about horror, movies, and the values of ecological real estate.

The Cabin in the Woods reaches theaters April 13 (Friday the thirteenth, people!), 2012.


Source: First Showing