Two More Added To ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Brett CullenIt’s official: with the addition of Brett Cullen and Chris Ellis, The Dark Knight Rises has now cast more people than the population of my hometown. True story.

Cullen and Ellis can both be seen in Apollo 13 and besides that, yeah, you might recognize them from something they’ve done in one of your favorite TV shows or movies. For me Cullen was the douche quarter back in The Replacements. Since this is TDKR we’re talking about, I highly doubt you’ll see that much of these two and even if you do I doubt you’d recognize them. “Oh, look! It’s Batman talking to those two guys from Apollo 13 for half an hour! Interesting!” I imagine no one will be saying that. But since we’re legally bound by the rules of the internet to report on any and everything relating to TDKR, here you are. I wrote this article and I’ve already forgotten these two dudes’ names.

Source: ComingSoon