Tyler Labine and Malin Akerman Will Knock Us Dead in Dark Comedy ‘Cottage Country’

Ah, the perfect proposal gone awry. A staple of comedies, both romantic and wacky. Stiller braved it. Rudd tackled itBiggs tried it on. It’s something movie audiences always have to look forward to, because it’s never out of date to be madly in love. But we might see it in a slightly different light this time around.

Tyler Labine—who is rising like the Planet of the Apes, over here!—will star opposite Malin Akerman in Cottage Country: a sweet story about a man who wants nothing more than to bestow the perfect marriage proposal unto his one true love. But then, he accidentally kills his brother. Yes. Dark turn. Still funny? We’lre not sure. They’re treading a line, here. But potential? Absolutely. Along with the recent casting of Akerman, we know that the wonderful Lucy Punch will also be in the film as Todd’s brother’s girlfriend.

The film was written by Jeremy Boxen and directed by Peter Wellington, and will release sometime in 2012.


Source: Indiewire