Uma Thurman to Do That Sex Thing Everyone’s Talking About in ‘Nymphomaniac’

Uma ThurmanLars von Trier is a man of strategy. In 2011, the Melancholia director tagged himself with some pretty nasty connotations when he declared his sympathies for Adolf Hitler, and made some questionable remarks about the Jewish population. And for a while, this was all anyone would think about upon hearing von Trier’s name. But as said above, this is a strategic man we’re dealing with. “What’s the one thing people like to talk and think about more than Hitler?” von Trier must have said at one point. “How about sex?” And so, the idea for Nymphomaniac — the director’s developing pornographic feature film — came to be. The latest big name to sign onto von Trier’s big screen erotica might be Uma Thurman, as The Hollywood Reporter reveals that she is in talks for an undisclosed role.

As it stands, von Trier has attracted the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg (who starred in Melancholia), Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, and Christian Slater to his new film. Nymphomaniac will center on a hypersexual woman named Joe (Gainsbourg) who, following the endurance of significant physical abuse one night, meets a kindly bachelor (Skarsgård), to whom she recounts her eventful, fantastical tales of torturous erotica. So it’s kind of like Big Fish, with one minor difference.

Nymphomaniac will doubtlessly earn comparison with Shame, the highly intimate account of a grown man’s (Michael Fassbender) battles with sex addiction; one apparent difference is the size of the featured cast that von Trier’s picture seems to be amounting. While Thurman’s role has yet to be revealed, her stature in Hollywood will naturally call for a significant position in the film. While Shame honed in deeply on Fassbender’s character, Nymphomaniac might explore the compulsions and decisions of a variety of troubled characters.

The film is planned to release sometime in 2013.

[Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN]


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