Universal Buys Short ‘The Raven’ For Mark Wahlberg

It seems that if you want to make a big budget, CGI heavy action/thriller, the best way to get noticed is to make a short film, wait for it to become an internet sensation and then allow the studios to come knocking on your door.

Following Sony’s acquisition of Pixels and the career boost that Carl Erik Rinsch got with his short The Gift, the latest pick up is The Raven, bought by Universal Pictures and not to be confused with John Cusack‘s Edgar Allan Poe thriller of the same name. Ricardo de Montreuil, the original’s writer and director, will direct the feature though he has handed over writing duties to Justin Marks. Mark Walhberg is attached to produce and star in the project. Perhaps Wahlberg really wanted to make a movie with a bird in the title since he was rumored to be involved in The Crow remake though that is no longer happening.

As far as the short goes, it looks pretty dull. Sure the CGI is great and it looks crisp and clear, but the story doesn’t seem all that interesting. Montreuil had the set up of something good – a totalitarian government and a dude with super powers – but it seemed really bland. I don’t care that this guy has powers, I don’t care about the (very Star Wars inspired) robots. The story just didn’t engage me at all. But perhaps Sony, Marks and Wahlberg can improve it when they expand the narrative.

Source: Universal Pictures