‘Unknown’ Director Signs on to ‘Akira’

Jaume Collet-SerraAt long last, there is some progressive news for a seemingly cursed project. Akira, Warner Bros’ adaptation of the graphic novel by Katsuhiro Otomo, has been placed in the hands of director Jaume Collet-Serra. Collet-Serra is most recognizable for the 2009 thriller Orphan and this year’s Unknown, starring Liam Neeson in a very Liam Neesony role.

Prior to Collet-Serra’s attachment, the project was under the direction of Ruairi Robinson and Albert Hughes. The latter decided to opt out of the production due to a much less volatile example of “creative differences” than Hollywood is accustomed to. Robinson remains attached to collaborate with Collet-Serra on Akira.

The most recent incarnation of the script was developed by Harry Potter writer Steve Kloves, after several attempts by other writers and writing teams. Obviously, this is not a project Warner Bros is taking lightly, so let’s hope that it gets off the ground soon.

Source: Variety