Unreal ‘Jungle Book’ Gifs Reveal The Set’s Amazing CGI Transformation


It’s hard to believe that entire movie can take place in a jungle and none of the actors have to even step foot anywhere near a jungle. Unless by jungle, you mean a sound stage in L.A. (both can be vicious, am I right?).

If you were ever doubting the talent of Disney’s special effects team, these gifs from the live action Jungle Book will show you that they’re definitely earning their keep.

In fact, the only thing “live action” about The Jungle Book is Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli. Instead of acting with real animals in a real jungle, Sethi had to pretend to be best friends with a floating, disembodied panther head in a bright blue sound stage. Well, that really kills the mood, doesn’t it? 

The gifs show the special effects across three stages — the filming, rendering and the finished product.

The Jungle Book was created entirely in a sound stage


Sethi’s co-stars include a man in a blue suit holding up a stuffed panther head.


But let’s be real, the real star (besides Sethi) is Disney’s special effects team. And also this guy who had to sit in a pool while wearing blue spandex.



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