Fussy Follicle Foibles: 15 Moments of Unrealistic Movie Hair

It’s a strife known the world over: hair rarely does what you want it to do.

And when it does, those moments are few and far between — and in the blink of an eye, everything could come toppling down. Heat, humidity, movement: all of these things play a big part in the way we do or do not whip our hairs back and forth from day to day. So it’s surprising when you see the studied perfection of locks locked in place (thanks to the incomparable work of cinema’s finest hair and make-up men and women). Because even after the battles are over, nary a hair is out of place on a single hero’s head. It’s not only improbable, sometimes it’s just ridiculous.

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In the high-octane, fast-paced world of most action films, a little bit of muss and fuss can go a long way in ensuring a bit more authenticity to a character’s appearance. So when Nicholas Hoult of the upcoming film Jack The Giant Slayer told Hollywood.com about what went into his mangy-looking mane, we were surprised at the lengths as which they went. “Funnily enough…trying to make my hair look like a swashbuckling hero [was] very time consuming,” explained Hoult. “It was a whole thing to itself.”

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So we got to thinking: if this hair — which seems fairly realistic as an observer — is actually a bit unrealistic, what about all the other hair? All those lucious locks and flowing strands pop up in many a movie without so much as a second glance to whether or not they’re entirely realistic. So we’ve decided to break it down for you, and take a look at some of the most unrealistic hair in movies. See for yourself!

GALLERY: 15 Unrealistic Movie Hairdos
Nicholas Hoult in Jack the Giant Slayer

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