UPDATE: Angelina Jolie Gets Permission To Film In Bosnia

Angelina JolieUPDATE: Upon reading the film’s script, the Bosnian minister of culture admitted that he had received a skewed impression of the film’s plot. He has since reissued the film permit for Jolie’s untitled film.

EARLIER: As worldly as Angelina Jolie strives to be, she’s bound to meet with some resistance here and there. Now, her directorial debut is jeopardy – sort of. Her film permit was revoked by a Bosnian minister amid complaints from women’s groups about the content of her project, and unless Jolie isn’t up on the history of the region she’s attempting to capture, she should have known this would be a problem.

The film centers on a couple – a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman – who meet on the eve of the Bosnian War. Quick history recap: Serbians and Bosnians were on opposite sides in the Bosnian War, which was the conflict that ravaged Bosnia in the 90s. Add to that, the fact that in a wave of violence, many Serbian soldiers systematically detained and raped Bosnian women. It’s kind of a touchy subject, which is a large part of why the film’s unlikely and almost forbidden romance is so compelling.

Women’s groups in Bosnia took the plot to an extreme, describing it as a film about a rape victim falling in love with her Serbian captor and claiming that the film would be “misleading history.” While it seems that the women’s groups and the Bosnian minister may have missed the point of the film’s story (love, humanity overcoming anger and hatred) I can see why it would be hard for them to get past the history that serves as its backdrop.

Of course Jolie is determined to continue filming (she’s already started filming the project in Budapest), and is arguing that the film has nothing to do with the history of Serbian abuse and that it is simply a love story set in a turbulent time. She’s offered to meet with the groups, but the minister told a radio show that the only way she would be allowed to film in Sarajevo is if the story is changed. Well, Angelina, it looks like you may need to start scouting new locations. This is a sensitive subject and there are thousands of female abuse victims who may continue to find offense.

It may be that the groups are taking the story too far, but I would think that with all her traveling and experience with sensitive issues in other countries, that Jolie would have approached this a little differently. She had to have known it would be met with resistance and anger, that’s kind of the whole reason the storyline is interesting. Either way, she’ll get to tell the story, and personally, I don’t think she has to actually film in Bosnia to do it.

Source: Pop Eater