UPDATE: ‘Captain America 2’ Helmed by ‘Community’, ‘Arrested Development’ Directors

Captain AmericaUPDATE: Variety confirms that Community directors/producers Joe and Anthony Russo will be taking on Captain America 2. The brothers are in final negotiations with Disney to handle the sequel to the 2011 Marvel hit. The only question now is whether or not there will still be early ’90s pop culture references during the World War II flashbacks…

EARLIER: Marvel fans are thrilled not only for the upcoming arrival of The Avengers, but for all of the individual superhero sequels to come, not excluding Captain America 2 — a unanimously cheered phenomenon in the making. Picture it now: Captain America defeating more national threats, throwing more shields, reciting more diatribes on early ’90s pop culture. Oh, that last one? Well, it seems that a Captain America sequel might be helmed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing/executive producing team behind sitcoms like Community and Happy Endings (two shows whose bread and butter is early ’90s pop culture).

At this point, the Russos’ helming of the new flick is just a rumor. But Marvel isn’t exactly opposed to finding unexpected individuals to adapt its stories. Before taking on Thor, Kenneth Branagh was known best as a Shakespearean visionary. The 2003 incarnation of Hulk was directed by Ang Lee, a man most closely associated with soft, romantic character pieces like Brokeback Mountain. The trend continues: Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is on for Iron Man 3, while Patty Jenkins (Monster) was sought for Thor 2, which is now being handled by TV director Brian Kirk. Clearly, Marvel does not have what you’d call a limited scope.

So if the Russo rumor does come to fruition, what will the Coen Brothers of television bring to the Cap sequel? Some might be wary that their strictly comedic background might hinder their handling of the Marvel film, but that’s not thinking like a winner. After all, the Russos do have some experience directing superheroes…


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