UPDATE: Darren Aronofsky NOT Producing New Drug Movie ‘Intricate’

Darren AronofskyUPDATE: Psyche! Turns out, Darren Aronofsky actually has kicked heroin and will not be involved with another movie about the drug. According to an update from the LA Times, although Scott Franklin did give notes on the project, he and Aronofsky’s production company Protozoa is not attached to produce it. So if this bums you out, um, just go watch Requiem for a Dream or something.

EARLIER: Welp, Darren Aronofsky is hooked on heroin again.

According to the LA Times, the director and his Black Swan producer Scott Franklin are joining forces to produce Intricate, a film that centers on drug abuse in New York City during the ’90s. Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) will direct. This marks Aronofsky’s first venture back into the drug world since his 2000 film that still gives everyone the heebie-jeebies, Requiem for a Dream.

Intricate, inspired by a true story, follows a promising high school basketball star who gets caught up in the drug trade world when his career doesn’t work out.

“The movie is about where this man begins and where he ends, with New York City as an important character,” Furman said.

Now all we need is a shirtless Mark Wahlberg giving Leonardo DiCaprio noogies and this apparent remake of The Basketball Diaries will be complete.

Source: LA Times