Update: IMAX Goofs, ‘Man of Steel’ Won’t Be in 3D



Update: Representatives from IMAX have informed Hollywood.com that an error was made on their website and that Man of Steel will not be post-converted into 3D. The film will be presented in 2D IMAX on its June 14, 2013 release date. That said, who knows: there’s plenty of time for a 3D transfer to happen! Read on for the original report:


The rebooted Superman epic, Man of Steel, was originally slated for a December 2012 release date, only to see itself pushed (faster than a speeding bullet) to June 14, 2013. There were a number of reasons: minor reshoots, avoiding Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, securing prime Summer real estate — plenty of factors that any blockbuster faces. The additional time has also opened up a new option for the creatives, one that is sure to make the Last Son of Krypton pop like never before. IMAX has formally announced that Man of Steel will be released in the large-scale format, along with a converted 3D version.

Unlike Warner Bros’ other upcoming 3D film, The Hobbit, Man of Steel will be digitally remastered in the stereoscopic format. While purists often suggest that shooting a movie in 3D is the only way to ensure remarkable results (see Avatar and Hugo), the creative team has a year to convert and perfect Man of Steel‘s footage. The recent delay of G.I. Joe 2, which departed its June 2012 for a date in 2013 due to the laborious task of post-conversion, is an example of the time it takes to get things right. If anything, the lengthy window for Man of Steel means fans have something to anticipate.

The curious detail in the announcement is the choice to convert Man of Steel in the wake of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Nolan stood against the trends with both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, opting out of 3D in favor of shooting his superhero action movies in native IMAX (a distinction that Man of Steel does not share). Whether the pressure to make Man of Steel a big moneymaker a la Avengers (which has crossed the $600 million domestic mark thanks in major part to the added moolah of 3D) pushed producers to convert the film, or if director Zack Snyder saw an opportunity in Superman’s less realistic world to play up the eye-popping effects are both possibilities, but the addition of the effect clearly separates the thinking behind two films, even with Nolan on board.

Man of Steel arrives one year from today, but Hollywood.com will be on hand for Comic-Con to get the first taste of footage. In 3D? We’ll have to wait and see…

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