Update: Jena Malone in Early Talks for Johanna Mason ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Role


Jena MaloneUPDATE, JULY 3, 2012: In a game more deadly than forcing children to kill each other for the entertainment of a totalitarian government, Lionsgate continues to toy with our emotions regarding the casting of Johanna Mason. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Jena Malone has advanced to being in early talks for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire role; considering all of the names put out there in attachment to the character of Johanna, most fans won’t be satisfied until the word is made official.

However, it does make sense that Malone would be Lionsgate’s choice — she has more acting experience than Zoe Aggeliki, and is closer to Mason’s age than Kristen Bell. All in all, she might be the best one for the job. 

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The Hunger Games series character who plays both ally and antagonist to Katniss Everdeen will be introduced to cinematic audiences in the forthcoming sequel, Catching Fire, in the form of one of an ever-growing community of young actresses. Entertainment Weekly has revealed the newest member of the bunch: Jena Malone, veteran of Donnie Darko, Sucker Punch, and the recent Hatfields & McCoys phenomenon.

Malone has had a pretty steady career since breaking into film at a young age via movies like Contact and Stepmom, but for whatever reason, the talented actress never truly skyrocketed, if only due to her proclivity for choosing smaller, more intimate projects. Still, this might work against Malone’s case when it comes to choosing from the list of actresses reportedly interested in playing Johanna.

Kristen Bell is easily the biggest name said to be seeking the role, but she’s also the oldest — seeing as Johanna Mason is closer to the age of Malone and other competitors, Bell might lose a couple of points.

Then there’s Mia Wasikowska, who is the right age, and just the right amount of relevant. The only problem: the rumors about her being considered are untrue. Plus, EW reports that the Alice in Wonderland star would not be available to shoot. So… that’s kind of a dealbreaker.

Finally, Zoe Aggeliki, a European model looking to break into the world of acting. It was revealed earlier in June that Aggeliki was being looked at for the Johanna role.

Considering Bell’s age, Wasikowska’s unavailability, and Aggeliki’s inexperience, Malone could even out to be the best candidate for the job. But of course, this is the Hunger Games. Be prepared for anything.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]

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